This game was created in 17 days for the Dying MMO Jam. It is an online multiplayer game where you explore to find story, secrets, and fun challenges. Or, you can just hang out with friends in a fun place. It is the third chapter in my PROJECT LAZ series. You can play PROJECT LAZ and EXPERIENCE #027 at vykri.itch.io .


WASD - Move

Left/Right mouse button - Interact

E - Use ability

F - Dance

Space - Jump

Esc / Tab - Open menu


Music by SfxValley

Animations by Mixamo

Everything else - Vykri


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Very interesting concept, was fun jumping around and interacting with the other players. 

I do think adding a voice ability to call out to other players would be really helpful, cause it is most of the time impossible to get their attention. Also i found the anti gravity boots to be the most useful ability in the game. Sure the other abilities were fun too, but the boots are just too powerful to replace with anything else in my opinion.

I managed to get to the end while operating 2 instances by myself (The maze part was the hardest, but i just left one instance at the end of the maze to make it easier activating the maze gem)

I couldn't find most of Evan's evidence post unfortunately, and i bet theres still alot that i havent seen, which is incredible how you managed to do so much in the jam's timeframe!

Overall i enjoyed the game, im sure it would be a real chaos with a full server


Wow, you got that far playing with 2 games yourself? Impressive. I have no idea how you'd get the grav boots with that strategy. Glad you enjoyed the game. Thanks so much for giving it a try!