How to Play

The point of the game is to get as many apples (pts) as you can. You can get apples by completing other player's races or when players fail to complete a race you created.

To compete in another player's race, wander the island until you find a ghost beaver. That is where that player decided to start their race challenge. Press E to start the race and wager pts depending on how confident you are. Follow the arrow to try and get the apple before time is up. Tip: Jumping preserves your speed after going through a booster.

To create your own race challenge for other players to compete in, press F while on the ground. Then run somewhere else on the island and press F again to place your apple. You can save up to 3 races. Any time someone else attempts your race and fails to complete it, you'll get +1pt.

Mouse - Navigate menus, Control camera

WASD - Move around

Shift - Sprint while on land, swim fast while in water

Space - Jump while on land, rise while treading water

Ctrl - Descend while treading water

E - Start racing nearby ghost

F - Start placing your own race

Right click - Zoom in

Esc/Tab - Open menu

You can also use a gamepad if you'd prefer, but you'll need your mouse for navigating menus.


Programming, game design, level design - Vykri

Sound / Music, cover image - Audio Withdrawal

Additional Assets

Environment assets - Kenney [CC0]

Impact Player Controller (modified) - Feverdream Johnny / John Ellis [GPL]

Low-poly Fox (modified) - Ida Faber [CC BY]


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The web version of the game does not work very well on my ordinary lap top. Probably there are too many object which slows down the rendering. Anyway looks like a fun game!

Thanks for letting me know! I also built the game using very high render settings which may be part of the problem. I'll try lowering some of those settings for the post-jam release which may help. Sorry you weren't able to play!


Nice job with the level design, very cozy. Clever take on multiplayer and the theme.
If holding shift I think the player should auto-transition into swim-sprinting. Would be interested to know what transport you used to get multiplayer to work with WebGL. I don't see any comments yet which seems unfair given the job you did!

Hey, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. For this game in particular I just have a simple API and just use HTTP requests. However, I have other browser games that use Websocket and WebRTC for multiplayer.